Thinking of Starting your Own Business?

Why Not Start a Handy Truck?

If you've ever wanted to start your own business, now is a great time to do it.

Our Franchise offers determined individuals who possess the desire to run their own business the opportunity to make great money building an asset that they can truly call their own.

This is done by providing an invaluable, flexible and efficient pick up and delivery service to customers from a wide range of backgrounds and market sectors.

We make our customers lives easier, and we've designed a business model that allows you to offer and profit by providing the same great service in your local area.

Want to Start Your Own Business? Why Not Handy Truck?

What's different about Handy Truck?

Huge Earnings Potential

A Handy Truck business in a reasonably populated area can achieve earnings of $1,500 to $3,000 or more per week. Income is dependant on a number of factors, including your choice of vehicle, the type of work you elect to do, and how many days a week you want to work.

Guaranteed Work

Without question, one of the primary benefits to joining the Handy Truck system is that you get access to immediate work to quote on. This alone reduces your risk substantially because it means you can start making money as soon as you are ready. If you already have a suitable vehicle, you can get started in as little as a few days after signing on.

National Support System

It's important to feel as though you are apart of something bigger, but nothing beats having complete financial independence and knowing you are not at the mercy of someone else's decisions.

The Handy Truck combines the best of both these worlds. It allows you to build a genuine asset that you can truly call your own, while fostering a great and supportive team environment consisting of a growing number of people from all walks of life. If you have a question or get stuck on anything, you can take comfort in knowing that a solution exists because someone has been there before.

Choose the Vehicle that suits your goals for your business

It's your business, so you should be able to run it how you want. A Handy Truck Franchise gives you this control. You can choose to run your business as a solo operator from either a Ute, Van or Small truck, or sign on with multiple vehicles and hire staff to run them. The choice is yours.

Choose when you work, how long you work, and what jobs you want to do

Work on the days you choose, during the hours you choose, and only ever do the jobs that you want to do. That's what it means to own a Handy Truck Business. Combine this with the high income available and the stress-free work and you have yourself some of the key ingredients for a great business that's satisfying to run.

Handy Truck Ute by the bay in Perth, WA

Starting Your Business From a Ute

Starting your Handy Truck business from a Ute is an excellent idea if you're on a budget, or if you just want a little more 'proof of concept' before committing to a larger vehicle. They are a great choice and help keep your initial investment cost to a minimum.

Running your business from a Ute, you can expect to earn on average $60 per hour.

Danny with his Handy Truck Van in the Sunshine Coast, QLD

Starting Your Business From a Large Van

Starting your business from a van has many benefits. They pack alot of storage space and are generally easier to load as they are closer to the ground than a Ute. Vans are our most popular vehicle in some areas. Some of our busier Franchisees report turnovers of over $600 per day (daily average) some weeks.

Running your business from a Van, you can expect to earn on average $60 per hour when getting started. Over time, even if you run your business as single operator, this can be built up to $90 or more per hour depending on the work types you focus on, and the effort you put in.

Jon with his Truck and Ute in Wollongong, NSW

Starting Your Business From a Small or Large Truck

Starting your business from a Small Truck is perhaps the most flexible, and potentially profitable vehicle choice. You can offer the entire range of Handy Truck Services from a Truck. You can also stack multiple deliveries together more easily, which can increase your hourly rate on average quite substanitally by allowing you to work 'smarter, not harder'. This can allow you to generate over $1,000 in the space of a single day for certain job types.

With a truck, you can also more easily expand your business by hiring staff to handle some or all of your jobs. This allows you to take on service types you might not have wanted to initially, which increases your profits, without having to do jobs you're not interested in.

What Does it Cost?

Start up costs can vary slightly depending on the area you wish to operate in, and the type of vehicle you choose to work from. The start up costs can be broken down in to two primary elements:

What's Included with the Franchise Investment?

  1. Complete vehicle branding kit for either Ute, Van or Truck.
  2. An exclusive territory to run your Business. There is not obligation to accept jobs you are not interested in, or are not able to do.
  3. Ongoing marketing specific to your exclusive territory.
  4. A years worth of marketing collateral.
  5. Comprehensive, localised training.
  6. Our comprehensive and detailed franchise manual.
  7. Necessary administration supplies such as invoicing software/templates, uniforms and more.
  8. Real support from a community of people who have been there and done it before.
  9. Access to a proven business system capable of making great money through providing a simple, straightforward yet essential service.
  10. High quality, effective business development support.
  11. Guaranteed work.

Want to Start Your Own Business? Why Not Handy Truck?